Articles for the Month of October 2012

Wall-Mart Same Day Delivery

In an attempt to be one step ahead of Amazon, Wal-Mart has introduced same day delivery in a few cities including Philadelphia, Minneapolis, San Jose and San Francisco. Although Amazon has tested out this method since 2009, Wal-Mart has made an effort to broaden this shipping method in certain areas. Customers have the ease of shopping online with plenty of time to browse and no worries about long lines for purchase.

The best part is that customers can get their product(s) the same day the order is placed as if they went to the actual store. Most retailers have “overnight shipping” as a shipping method online with a fee that is often double of what the standard shipping fee costs. However, Wal-Mart only charges $10 shipping with this service and no minimum purchase is required. Customers have to place their order before noon in order to receive it the same day delivery. They also have the option of choosing what time they want the item(s) to be delivered within a four-hour window.

At first, Wal-Mart conducted same day delivery with groceries only, but they have expanded to common holiday items such as toys, sports equipment, home décor and electronics. Though this is just a test, it can become permanent if all goes well. If other retailers adopt this new method of online shopping, it can be revolutionary! It would provide an added convenience to shoppers that do not have time to go to the store and get what they need.