Articles for the Month of June 2013

Who Do I Look Up To?

I’m not much for admiring people.  After all, we are all humans with infinite flaws and admiring would be putting someone on a pedestal which is a very dangerous thing to do.  A pedestal means that you’re more likely to forgive them for transgressions and to judge them on a totally different scale.  Of course, this scale is both good and bad.  While it means they can get away with more of certain things, it also means they have a strict criteria they have to keep to lest they get turned against.  This is especially evident when people admire artists, singers, writers, and various other people that deal with public media.  The general consensus always seems to be “it wasn’t as good as the first one”.

Home Security Competition

Technology is forever evolving, becoming more efficient and user friendly.  Yet as technology seems to be improving exponentially, one can’t help but wonder when the advancements will start to slow.  Will we reach a point where everything has been invented and there is nothing left?  If we do, how are we to counteract it?

Global Security Experts has come up with a great idea.  It does without saying that we Americans are inherently competitive.  We want to be the best at everything.  So what better way to jump start innovation than by a contest?  (The $10,000 prize money helps as well.)

Lolita Fashion

I’ve been enamored with lolita fashion ever since my earlier years of high school.  Back then white lace on black and black lace on white wasn’t a horrible crime and there were barely any prints and patterns.  To be honest, I’m still not a huge fan of prints.  Some of them just seem excessive.

(And they’re all names, too.  I’m not sure what this one is called)