Home Security Competition

Technology is forever evolving, becoming more efficient and user friendly.  Yet as technology seems to be improving exponentially, one can’t help but wonder when the advancements will start to slow.  Will we reach a point where everything has been invented and there is nothing left?  If we do, how are we to counteract it?

Global Security Experts has come up with a great idea.  It does without saying that we Americans are inherently competitive.  We want to be the best at everything.  So what better way to jump start innovation than by a contest?  (The $10,000 prize money helps as well.)

The rules for this contest are simple.  You can submit both inventions and development concepts for an invention as long as they pertain to home security.  This means that the inventions can be electronic or physical including alarm systems, surveillance cameras, locks, and whatever new development participants create with their ingenuity.  The entries themselves can be a physical prototype, or it can be concept drawings and concept description.  To make it a little harder, the inventions have to be purchasable at $99 or less if they are launched into the market.

There is a reason for the monetary criteria.  The man who announced the competition, Jordan Frankel, is a world renowned expert and inventor when it comes to security.  In fact, his nickname is “Security Sensei”.  Most recently he invented the OnGard security door brace which is installed inside the door to stop the door from being kicked in during a break-in.  This invention is both easy to operate and affordable to the average home owner.  A number of note-worthy TV shows and newspapers have praised the door brace like The Boston Herald and The Oprah Show.

The goal for the contest is to bring advancement to the industry.  Being safe is something everyone worries about.  With news outlets shining the spotlights on the horrors of the world, society is feeling less and less protected.  Every time a new lock is invented, there is someone on the other side try to break it.  That is why progress must be ongoing.  The only way is forward. 

Yet, nothing is ever that simple and on top of innovations, the products have to be affordable as well.  What use is a virtually unbreakable door lock if no one but the richest can buy it?  It becomes redundant.  It is not protecting people like it was meant to do. 

Frankel himself be going through each submission with great detail and judging the competition.  If there are any questions you can contact Frankel at inventions@globalsecurityexperts.com.  You can also submit your entries to the same e-mail address.  They will be accepting submissions until August 31, 2013.

You fancy yourself an amateur inventor or even a professional inventor, try your hand at this competition.  Who knows?  Maybe you’ll invent the next greatest thing in home security.  The $10,000 prize money doesn’t hurt either.

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