Hello, hello~

Welcome one, welcome all~!

So this blog has recently changed hands after a almost a year’s hiatus and I’m here to breath in an all new life to this decrepit place!  I suppose I should warn you about what is going to be posted, but honestly, I have no idea myself.  My interests spread far and wide so I am as likely to post about knitting patterns as I am about the Doctor Who finale (No, but like, DID YOU WATCH IT BECAUSE ASDFGHJKL!!!).

Am I a writer?  I guess so.  Either way, I like to write and I’m minoring in Creative Writing.  Maybe I’ll post something someday.  Maybe not.  We’ll see.  One thing to note is that I suck at poetry.  Not that I can’t write it, but I can never capture the emotion weight in such a small amount of words.  I like flowing metaphors and vivid imagery made of vibrant colors made of words, words, and more words.  (I also like/write fanfiction, but shhhhh that’s a secret!)

I guess I should give you some idea of what might happen here.  Well, first of all, TV shows.  I am a TV addict of the highest degree so you’re going to see multiple posts about shows here, especially my favorite ones.  What are those, you ask?  Are you sure you want to know? I’ll make a list for you then.

  • Sherlock (BBC)
  • Doctor Who
  • Supernatural
  • Merlin
  • Suits
  • Hannibal (<3)

(As you may or may not be able to tell, I absolutely adore Hannibal and that’s probably going to be my next post)

I watch a lot of BBC shows.  There’s just something about English accents (and Irish.  And Scottish) as well as how well written their shows can be (alright, Merlin is a little…still I love it) that attracts me.  I’m always watching something new.  Which is a bad thing, actually, because I never get around to finishing my shows.  I guess I just don’t like endings (Doctor Who reference~ Did you get that? :D)

Other than TV shows, I do watch anime.  Not as much lately, but I love lolita fashion and cosplay.  I sew some of my own things, so when I’m feeling less shy, I’ll post some up for you.

Ahhh, what else?  I’m a fan of K-Pop and C-Pop.  Expect posts about my favorite artists when they comeback from hiatus.  I used to draw, though I haven’t had time lately.  I’ll post if I’m feeling particularly artistic.

Mostly, this will be the ramblings of a fangirl with too much on her mind.  I should warn you that I have an extremely dark sense of humor and that I am incredibly sarcastic.  That doesn’t always translate through the internet, but I will try my best!  This is actually my first time running a personal blog, so good luck to me~!

Til next time,

Me! :3

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