New Obsession

So what have I been doing lately?  Not that much.  School has started again, but that’s hardly what I want to talk about and that’s hardly what you want to hear about.  So what else have I been up to?   Well, let me tell you.  I have discovered Youtube.


Okay, that sounds weird.  I’m not saying I didn’t know what Youtube was because that would be foolishness.  What I am saying is that I didn’t really grasp the existence of Youtubers until a few weeks ago.  I mean I knew they exist….sort of.  I was subscribed to nigahiga and kevjumba, but then again who isn’t?  However, the idea that there were other famous Youtubers was kind of foreign.  I didn’t even know it was a legitimate career choice now.  In fact, for the past few years, I have used Youtube solely to watch kpop stuff.  But hey, the more you know.

Anyway, this sort of happened because of Youtube’s Geek Week.  And BBC’s Sherlock upon consideration.  So what happened was I saw a Sherlock parody a long time ago that was utterly epic.  I didn’t know who it was by at that time (crabstickz), but later on I saw the same person was hosting a game show for Geek Week.  It took me like 2 weeks, but I finally got around to watching it.  It was a cute little video, but while watching I noticed the guy in the Doctor Who cosplay.  He was kinda cute and he looked tall (which is such a plus since I’m so tall, you have no idea) and I had a weekend of nothing to do, so I decided to check out his channel.

Worst choice of my life.  In the span of three days i ended up watching over 200 videos.  What am i doing with my life?

So I ended up watching all of danisnotonfire and I moved on to amazingphil and I dabbled in some crabstickz and kickthepj.  If only it ended there, but nope.  I found tyleroakly and jacksgap and the list just never ends, does it?  Why are there so many videos?  Why did I find a new fandom/s?  Especially since school has just started?  I need to go into a corner and rethink my life choices.\

Lately I’ve been watching pointlessblog and marcusbutlertv….considering that everyone is male so far, it makes me think I need to find some female Youtubers to watch.  But like….I really, really should stop….really….I’m taking 6 classes, I work, and I’m president of the anime club.  I just don’t have time for this!

And yet….I’ve always had poor self control…well, that’s a lie.  I’ve always been a very efficient procrastinator is a more accurate statement.  And I’m vaguely impulsive…sometimes…we all know what I’m going to do as soon as I get home, don’t we?

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