Today, we are going to talk about one of my all time favorite show.  SUITS!  God do I love that show and I know I really shouldn’t!  Still, I can’t stop and it is utterly perfected and am getting excited just thinking about it…and exasperated.  Harvey and Mike tend to do that to you.

Anyway, a summery.  Suits is a show about lawyers.  Harvey is a senior partner is a high profile law firm.  Mike is a college dropout with eidetic memory that takes tests for money.  Anyway, things happen and somehow Harvey ends up hiring Mike because he likes Mike’s spunk (though he won’t admit it) and he sees a bit of himself in the young man.  The only problem is that the law firm only hires graduates from Harvard and Mike did not graduate from college, no less Harvard.  But he fakes it til he makes it and his situation brings an appropriate mix of tension throughout the series.  Other important characters include Donna: Harvey’s secretary, Jessica: the managing partner and Harvey’s boss, Louis: another partner that is Harvey’s frenemy, and Rachel: Mike’s love interest.

Ugh, your face

Let’s start with Harvey.  I love Harvey to death.  He’s that character that you love to hate.  He’s attractive, charismatic, and a grade A douchbag.  In essence, he’s a child.  He’s damaged underneath his cold exterior, but instead of being a reasonable adult about things, he insists on throwing ridiculous tantrums.  Of course, considering how successful he is and how he’s the best closer in the city, I suppose he does get some rights.  Just not as much as he’s using because I swear he just doesn’t stop.  He’s that guy that you get annoyed at and studiously try to ignore and yet somehow still end up in his apartment.  You wake up still hating him, but you stay anyway.  It does warm my heart when he’s being protective of Mike though.  He’s not the best mentor, but he does care and on rare occasions he manages to show it.  In a way, he’s very much like a wolf.  He marks his territory and whoever’s in his pack, he will die trying to protect.  Unfortunately, that’s what makes even the slightest betrayal such a horrible offense to Harvey.

Mike, dear Mikey.  It’s actually really interesting to see the character development of Mike over the seasons.  While Harvey hasn’t changed much (maybe gotten a little softer around Mike), Mike’s changes are obvious to see.  He started off so fresh and new and green.  His suits didn’t fit, he didn’t know how to file things, and his soft heart and morals led his decisions.  And now look at him!  While he still wears his skinny ties, his suits are much more fitted and stylish.  In fact, his suits become a reflection of Harvey’s, especially that suit in the beginning of season 3.  It said Harvey all over it.  The colors are darker, the cut sharper, and Mike is just that tad bit more of an asshole than he used to be.  The fact that he represented someone he thought was a murderer without saying anything is a far cry of the time he reported his own client for being high and driving.  It’ll be interesting to see Mike continuing to change.  It is my theory that the day Mike comes in wearing a wide tie rather than a skinny tie, he is ready to take over Harvey’s old position.

Let’s talk Donna.  What is not to love about Donna?  She knows everything.  She knows everybody.  She is a goddess and you do not mess with her if you want to continue existing peacefully.  Oh, I love Donna and her sass.  She is fiercely loyal to Harvey and it’s because she knows him better than everyone.  She’s the one who managed to slip between his cracks.  And even after the entire incident when she was fired in season 2, she still came back and stood by Harvey.  She is strong and independent and she is also a Mama bear.  Mess with Harvey or Mike and there will be hell to pay from a redhead whirlwind in high heels.

This basically sums up his entire character

Next is Louis and oh, Louis.  You start off hating him and you end up loving him (or pitying him).  I personally love him and pity him.  He does do some really underhand things.  But at the same time, he’s always pushed down and never allowed his time to shine.  I find the dynamic between him and Harvey interesting.   As much as they insult and poke each other, there is mutual respect.  Harvey knows Louis is good at what he does and vice versa.  He also has all these quirks that you can’t help but to laugh at.  His love of cats. mud baths, glass blowing, and all his interactions with Norma his secretary (I really want to see that woman).  He’s a interesting character and a complicated one.

Then there’s Jessica.  I’m not sure how I feel about her.  At times I like her and at time I don’t.  I liked her in the beginning because she was right.  Harvey was volatile and spontaneous.  She had to reign him in and control him before he did anything stupid.  But as the seasons moved on, it changed.  And now, I’m not really liking this Jessica.  She made mistakes, but she won’t own up to them.  She let her emotions cloud her judgment, but she keeps denying it.  All the things that she criticizes Harvey for, she’s doing.  She keeps trying to extend an olive branch to Harvey, but is it any wonder why he doesn’t accept?  Every one of her gestures have an ulterior motive.  As much as she might genuinely want Harvey’s forgiveness, she’s still moving her chess pieces in place which negates any good intentions.

Finally, let’s talk about Rachel.  I am ambivalent to Rachel, honestly.  I totally respect her and her dreams.  She is going to go far and who knows?  Maybe even be the next Jessica.  I also think she’s cute with Mike.  May they remain together forever and have adorable mixed babies.  She doesn’t irk me, but she doesn’t amaze me.  I love her banter with Donna though.  I hope at least her story line ends up well.  If she and Mike end up breaking up and getting back together any more times, I am seriously going to kill someone.

The thing about Suits is that it is so dramatic.  Maybe even unnecessarily so.  I mean yeah, it’s a TV show, but they just can’t let it rest.  EVER.  There always has to be a conflict.  It’s all so high school.  Just be adults, suck it up, and let it go!  You’re all rich lawyers for heaven’s sake!  At the same time, that’s also what makes it good.  There is no dull moment.  It’s just continuous problem after problem so you can never look away.  It’s so freaking good.  The only thing I kind of wish for now is for Mike’s eidetic memory to come back into play a little more.  It’s a very useful tool and a fun thing to play with in the story line.  Also, we cannot forget all those movie references and the fact that the characters keep quoting at each other.  It’s the greatest inside joke ever.

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