LA Vaca Day 2

We woke up early on the second day.  Day two was Little Tokyo and ticket pick-up for Anime Expo.

We didn’t eat breakfast when we woke up.  Instead, we figured out how to get to Little Tokyo and ate there.  I have to admit, Little Tokyo was one of my favorite places out of all the trips.  Like Chinatown, they have Japanese styled buildings in a plaza.  There, they had multiple restaurants, cafes and store.  It was much busier than Chinatown.  We ate at the first place we came across and it was really good.  Afterwards, we walked around.  There was a really cute macaroon shop and we bought a few to try.  Right across was one of those cute Asian stores.  My friend ended up buying a bento box.  I had to walk away from the stuffed animals.

We looked around for the anime story in the area.  It was kind of confusing because it was semi-underground and google maps wasn’t specific with its directions.  We managed to find it anyway and it was otaku heaven.  There were mangas 3 for $10 and so much Sailor Moon memorabilia!  There was a lolita store I checked out.  There were some nice stuff, but it was all too cute for me.  Too much pastel pinks and blues.  There was also another store with purikura pictures.  Of course we had to take them.  It was so confusing though….mostly because we aren’t Japanese and had no ideas what the instructions were saying.  Either way it was fun and we promised we would come back to do it properly.

Then, it was time for the ticket pick-up!  Let me just say, it was long.  We spent about 2 and a half hours waiting in line.  It was okay since my friend and I were together and we mostly just talked.  There were already people in cosplays walking around.  And everyone would keep high-fiving each other even though they passed the same person about 30 times due to the way the line snaked.  It took forever, but we finally got our tickets and headed to a restaurant called the Wokcano for dinner.

Afterwards it was back to the hotel and TV again,  Franklin & Bash had a new episode.

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