LA Vaca Day 3


We got up early to get everything together.  We were doing our most elaborate cosplay that day so it took time.  First the make-up, then the costume, and finally the wig.  The wig totally reminded me of why I hate having long hair.  By the time we were done, we were almost late to our photoshoot so we took a cab to the convention center.

First day was fun.  We did the photoshoot and then headed into the hall to wait for our panels.  The exhibitor floor wasn’t open yet.  We attended the Anime Club Summit panel since I’m the president of my club.  It was very informational and gave me some ideas of what to bring to the new year.  We’ll just have to see if they work out.  After than we attended one about skimpy cosplays which was interesting.  I need to get some topstick and dance tights pronto.

After that we spent about an hour walking around.  My friend wanted to compile a shopping list for the next day so we went through every aisle.  It was crowded, but surprisingly less crowded than NYCC.  Of course it could be because the venue was bigger, but with the amount of participants?  It was still kind of amazing we had so much room.

I saw some great art which I noted in my mind.  God, I bought so much art this con.  I also needed to buy a petticoat because I forgot mine back in NY and needed it the next.  I found one that worked.  It wasn’t the best in terms of fitting on me (too short), but it was cute nevertheless.

Anyway, after our walk, we were exhausted.,  Some other friends were headed to LA as well and would arrive at the airport that night.  So we texted and decided to make late night KBBQ plans.  Took then forever though.  We ended up grabbing some food and dozing in our hotel room for the rest of the day.  They finally came to pick us up around 12:30AM.  We headed to this KBBQ place I found on yelp that stayed open until 2AM.  The food was good, but you could tell the servers were kind of racist.  They kept cutting up the meat of the people next to us, but ignored us.  Whatever.

After that, it was back to the hotel and straight to bed because I had another photo shoot the next day.

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