LA Vaca Day 4

Day 4 was my second photo shoot.  I did guro lolita which is basically like a bloody doll.  I woke up earlier than my friend because she was going to be a fox and that was easy.  Also, she drank the night before at KBBQ.  After I was basically done, I woke her up.  She tried on her fox costume only to discover that the top was too big on her.  SO instead, she just put on the orange wig and wore normal clothes.

For the photo shoot today, we went to the Figueroa Hotel.  It’s actually really cool.  It’s dimly lit and has this Moroccan, Indian feel to it.  The entire place was shades of yellow and amber.  Very rich and very exotic.  There were some great pictures from that shoot.

Afterwards, we headed the the convention center.  It was shopping day!  We bought so much stuff.  I ended up buying a stuffed koala, a mini top hat (I have an obsession with those), a pocket watch (another obsession), little key chains of characters from Supernatural, Sherlock, Skyfall, and Hannibal, and a Slytherin sweater.  Then, I bought a bunch of art.  Most of it was Hannibal related, but i did get one Sailor Moon print and a Sherlock one.

We got back from the con and contacted our other friends.  They had a car.  We met up with them in Little Tokyo and then we decided to go to Pasadena.  That was fun.  Colorado Street was fun.  We ended up eating at an Italian restaurant.  They had patio seating in the courtyard and the courtyard happened to be showing a free movie.  It was quite cute.

When dinner was over, it was time to party!  Not really, be we did have plans to club.  I looked up the yelp reviews though and nothing really appealed to me.  Instead, we went to this drink all you can place in Koreatown.  My friends drank.  Afterwards, we went to KTV.  We spent 2 hours there singing, rapping, and dancing horribly.  It was great!  By the end of it, my best friend was absolutely drunk (3 bottle of soju in an hour).

By the time we got back to the hotel is was 3-4 in the morning.  It was a good night.

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