LA Vaca Day 5

We both woke up that morning not feeling like doing anything. We were exhausted.  We decided not to go to con.  It was going to be the busiest day anyway and the crowd would be annoying to wade through.  We we slept in late, got lunch, texted our other friends, and watched TV.  They came late afternoon to pick us up.

That day, we decided to be really touristy and go to Hollywood Blvd.  However, first we went to In & Out Burger to see what all the hype was about.  it was actually really good, though the menu was small.  I later discovered that there was a secret menu. Ah well.

Hollywood wasn’t as great as I thought it would be.  The Chinese Theater was under construction.  We walked around a bit and took some pictures.  I bought some souvenirs for friends.  There was a Museum of Death my friend and I really wanted to go to, but it was too far away.  So we got back into the car and continued driving.  We went to Beverly Hill and Rodeo Drive, but didn’t get out.  There wasn’t much to see and by the time we were there, most of the stores were closed.

Somehow, we ended up in West Hollywood smack in the middle of the gay community.  It was actually really great to see all the rainbow flags waving and same sex couples walking on the sidewalk.  Yeah equality!

We went to dinner after in a little sushi bar in Little Tokyo.  It was quaint.

Then it was back to the hotel because there was a final day of con.

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