LA Vaca Day 6

Final day of con!  We woke up at a relatively normal time and got dressed.  Today we were Mokanas and that was the simplest costume yet.  Just a dress, wig, and ears.  We walked to con and a few people recognized us which was nice.

It was final day for shopping and we were on a mission to get everything we hadn’t on Friday.  I ended up with some more art: one of Stiles from Teen Wolf, a Hannibal one, and a Doctor Who print for my friend.  I also bought a tofu cat I named Issac.  It’s so squishy!!  I got some smaller stuffed animals to give to friends and I convinced myself that I should get the entire Slytherin outfit.  So I ended up buying the skirt, tie, socks, and a quill set.  Hogwarts here I come!!  i also bought a Tardis apron/dress which is so cute.  I need to find a reason to wear it.

When con was finally over, we changed and waited for our other friends again.  Today, we ended up going to  Santa Monica.  It was less than what I expected, but still fun!  I guess I was hopping for bigger rides like Coney Island.  Either way, it was cute.

We wasted a few hours on the beach.  Afterwards, we went on the coaster.  By then it was 7 so we were starving as well.  Walking around, we managed to find a Thai restaurant (the waiter was cute).  We ate there and then went back to the park to ride on the Ferris Wheel.  The skyline was breathtaking.  One one side was the lights of the city.  On the other was the pitch blackness of the unending ocean.  It was a good day.

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