LA Vaca Day 7

Final Day of vacation.

We started off the day by going to Little Tokyo.  We grabbed lunch and then headed to the purikura pictures.  We promised to take them again so we did.  These came out much better.  I keep both sets in my wallet though.  We picked up some last minute stuff and then went back to the hotel.

While we waited for our other friends to arrive, we started packing.  We got most of our things away by the time they picked up up.  Today, we were going to Venice Beach!

Venice Beach is what they mean when they show us California on TV.  White sand, palm trees, bright sun.  It was beautiful.

We had lunch at one of the restaurants dotting the boardwalk.  Then we headed down to the beach.  The waves were brutal!  It was so much fun though.  We spent about 2 hours in the water.  Of course, the worse part is afterwards when sand gets everywhere.  I ended up buying a maxi dress and changing into it in the bathrooms (which are disgusting by the way).

Much more comfortable, we decided it was time to eat.  Unfortunately, by the time we were done with the beach it was already 8 and everything was closing.  We went all the way back to Chinatown to grab dinner.  We had a traditional family styled dinner which was great.  The waiters spoke Cantonese so I got to work my mojo.

When we were stuffed from our last meal in Cali, we headed back to the hotel.  I took a shower and we packed up everything that was left.  Then my friend took a nap and I browsed the internet until it was time to grab a taxi to LAX and finally go home.

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