Let’s OTP it up!


Let me get this out of the way by saying it bluntly.  I ship.  I ship like there is no tomorrow.  I think that’s one of the best things about watching shows and reading books.  You get to ship any character you want with any other character you want and it’s never wrong….(though people may tell you it is.  They are lying.  Go ship.  Go ship with all the rainbows and glitter and kittens in the world)  That being said, I think it’s a fantastic time for me to sit here and tell you about all my ships because I love them and I just feel like sharing.


The Hannigram is strong in this one.  Seriously.  Even the actor for Hannibal ships it.  I mean look at the number of times he says Hannibal loves Will in his interviews.  You see, there are a lot of people who criticize this pairing because of how brutal and abusive it is, but that’s why I love it.  I don’t usually call opinions wrong, but there are people who keep claiming that Hannibal cannot love which is a lie.  He does love.  He just loves in a different way that normal people do.  It is hard to comprehend his type of love, but it is nevertheless still love.  The thing is, if you can’t be free in fiction, where can you be free?  There are no rules in fiction, only you’re imagination.  So why impose the morals society has force fed us into a world where morality is only what you make of it?  They are right.  Hannigram is is wrong on so many levels.  That’s also what makes it so appealing to me.  There’s nothing more cruel and heartbreaking than watching something that won’t work.  We all know they will destroy each other.  There are at the simultaneously mirror images and exact opposites.  They are compatible because they exist within each other.  Just as the Joker only exists for Batman and Merlin for Arthur.  Watching Hannibal destroy Will, rip his sanity apart piece by piece is brutal, but at the same time exhilarating.  Why?  Because at the end Hannibal has peeled back the layers.  He has created a monster to match his own.  The two together whether as enemies or lovers will destroy the world and even as the carnage burns around them, they will never take their eyes off one another.

Teen Wolf

Surprise!  I don’t actually ship Sterek.  In truth I have always  been an unconventional shipper.  I mean my first ship was KakuSaku (Kakashi/Sakura).  It’s just, as I’ve continued watching television throughout the years, the writers and actors have infused so much homoerotic subtext into the shows that it’s hard not to ship the two main character just as the creators wanted.  Still, with Teen Wolf, I just never saw the Sterek.  They interacted what?  Two, three times alone and no more than a dozen time with someone else.  And just about every time Derek was threatening Stiles.  Just…no….of course I might be slightly biased because Derek isn’t exactly my favorite character.  I mean he isn’t my least favorite, but he’s definitely not the top…and Stiles is definitely my number 1.  Anyway, I’ve returned to my unconventional roots with this ships and i absolutely love it to death.  First off, I adore Danny, always have.  He’s just so laid back and easy going and those dimples!  Stiles, on the other hand, is my spirit animal.  I just adore sarcastic people.  That’s how I choose my friends actually.  The interaction between the two are basically the greatest thing ever, especially in season 3.  There is no way Stiles is straight, not completely anyway.  He might not be gay, but he has some inclinations.  I just love how Stiles always harasses Danny and Danny’s exasperated at first, but he always give in anyway.  Their relationship is great.  They would never fight.  I just think they should be together forever, cuddly and fluffy and human.


What else is there to ship but Marvey?!!  Well, plenty of others, but Marvey just calls my name like a siren.  It’s a classic ship, the mentor and mentored.  Dark and light.  While not in the Hannigram needs each other, Mike and Harvey clearly need each other.  Harvey gave his trust to Mike which is everything considering Harvey’s past.  And Mike?  Harvey literally raised him from the slums.  They are in a way co-dependent, but not in an unhealthy way.  They learned through time and experience that they could lean on each other and now that they are broken it’s like the whole world is off balance.  Like Luis said, Batman and Robin.  Do they need each other?  No.  But they want each other to the point where want has blurred with need.


Bring on the gay!!! Seriously, there is no other shows I have ever seen with so much eye sex, innuendos, and just gayness.  I’m pretty sure it couldn’t have gotten any gayer even if Merthur actually physically got together (not that I would have minded).  Even the dragon ships them together and I’m pretty sure Gaius knows.  They are the definition of soulmates, two sides of the same coin.  They complement each other because what one is, the other isn’t and what one can’t do, the other can.  They are a single soul split into two people and they are only ever whole when they are together.  God, I love Merthur so much.  Not to mention they have some of the best fanfiction in existence!  Seriously, almost everyone I have read are novels, so detailed and involved.  They also have the best AUs.  I have really never seen a fandom that stretched into so many other universes.  There are a fair share of Camelot, but I feel like most of it is brought into modern day and there are a lot of reincarnation scenarios.


I have shipped Johnlock since the beginning of time.  Not really, but I have been shipping them since I read the book in middle school.  I mean how can you not.  Watson idolizes Holmes so much.  I mean he literally waxes poetry about Holmes’ face.  The movies made it worse.  I mean at that point they were literally married to each other, they way they acted.  Watson was the disgruntled wife at all time.  And then BBC’s Sherlock.  Oh was that gay.  It was fantastic!  Now this ship exists because they complement each other.  Like Merthur, they make each other whole, though in a more human way (Merthur is just an abundance of magic.  I strongly believe that they will survive generations together, being reborn again and again just to find each other).  Holmes is cold while Watson is warm.  Logical and emotional.  Opposites, but fascinated by the same things.  BBC Sherlock makes an interesting note by saying the John misses the war and he sees it in Sherlock.  They depend on each other and I think they really do need each other.  Sherlock needs Watson to keep him sane and grounded and Watson needs Sherlock to remind him of excitement and what it means to be alive.


Let the 00Q sing!  I shipped this from the moment they met in the museum.  Yeah, Q is young, but he held his own against the aged, experienced agent and you could tell by the end of their exchange Bond totally respected him.  They are just so snarky and sarcastic to each other.  Q stands for none of the BS Bond usually gets away with.  In this relationship, age really doesn’t matter.  They are opposites, but compliments of each other.  When Bond can’t see, Q sees for him.  What Q lacks in experience, Bond has to teach.  They are at opposite ends of the spectrum, but at their very core, they both sit in the middle, guided by love for Queen and Country.  One of the reasons I love this pairing because I am confident it would never end happily.  Bond is a double 0 agent who has died more ways than countable.  Once day he won’t come.  Q is the head of his own branch.  The knowledge and skills he has would make him a valuable commodity for enemies to get their hands on.  I like the idea that knowing all of this, they choose to fall in love with each other, Bond finally healing from the scars Vesper left, and Q learning that there is more to life than machines.


Of course, I’m missing some, so I have to make a mention of course.  There’s Destiel from Supernatural, Peter/Neal from White Collar (and occasionally Elizabeth because I love her).  Then there’s all the anime ones like Sebastion/Ciel and US/Russia.  And Draco/Harry from Harry Potter and the list just goes on, doesn’t it?

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